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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday...10 am to 8 pm
Saturday............10 am to 5 pm
Sunday..............Closed, except for
special events. Check out our Calendar Below!


Blue Line Shooting Center offers the ONLY indoor shooting range in Florence. Our range supports 10 different shooting lanes with a state of the art HVAC system to not only keep you as comfortable as possible, but to keep you safe by minimizing exposure to smoke and gasses released by firearms on the range.


We have many firearms available for rent, and we encourage you to try before you buy! Our hand gun rental fee is $10 and rifle rentals fee is $20. This fee will be added to your daily range fees. You will also need to bring or purchase brass cased ammunition for the caliber firearm you intend to rent.  

We offer Private lessons to individuals with any amount of experience. These lessons include everything you need to become familiar with firearms, from pistols to rifles. Our instructors can accommodate up to two people per class, and each lesson will include classroom instruction and guided range time.

Our store front has a wide variety of inventory to supply all your shooting needs. We offer tactical clothing items, weapon slings and attachments, bags and soft cases for weapon storage, holsters, magazines and ammunition. 

We also offer monthly SC CWP training classes! We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare you for your CWP class with our included CWP Basics class. Our top notch instructors not only teach you the course, but also provide insight and information that you can use in real life situations. Please come into our store, or use the Contact page to inquire about class availability and registration!

Lastly, thanks to the years of professional experience of our owner Archie Woodberry, our store's inventory also includes items for law enforcement supply. We can supply all of your duty gear from pouches and cuffs, to vests and pants.

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